⚔️The Ancient Kingdoms of the World⚔️

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Old Kingdom of Egypt quiz on Scratch Mauryas- quiz on Scratch Maya quiz on Scratch

Also read about how to draw a map

Try to watch these videos before you start. It will likely make you interested in this topic, and they are very likable too.

Lands of the Asian Peoples

The African Empires

The Nations of Europe

The Territories of the American Countries

No Australasian/Oceanian Civilisations yet! Video

Note: The other maps and videos in this website are from Ollie Bye's and EmperorTigerstar's YouTube Channels. Special thanks to Wikipedia and the Kings and Generals' Videos for help on the research and a few maps too! If you are viewing on replit, please right-click and 'Open Link in New Tab', and on mobile, press and hold, to view these links.

More Empires in progress

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